About Us

Social Media no longer works.

Yep! We’re a social media management company that fully admits social doesn’t work.

People post, pin and tweet, but no one really likes or shares it. And businesses wonder if it’s worth spending the time and money to do it.

So why are we still doing this?

Because like all things that don’t work, there’s a small niche within it that still does – and it works really well. 

We love working this niche and really want to share it. And we’re excited to see our clients enjoy great results on social media again.

What’s in the secret sauce?

You’d think we’d try to keep the secret sauce just to ourselves, but we think everyone should be doing it.

Social platforms have been telling us what works and what doesn’t work all along. But it’s human nature to resist change, especially if you’re a social media company and you’re getting paid well for doing it the same old way.

We won’t take your money for something that doesn’t work – it’s just not right. But we are very comfortable charging for a service that makes a positive difference to your bottomline! 

So here it is…

The hard sell doesn’t work anymore. Social platforms don’t want people’s feeds filled with impersonal products and brand pushing. Social platforms want to hear people’s stories and experiences… they want to bring people together and help them solve problems in communities and groups. 

Social media wants to be social again.

So quite simply, the secret sauce is that you can still sell effectively, but through the medium of stories, experiences, and helpful solutions that solve people's problems.

We’ll help you bring awareness and sales to your brand and business by telling your daily stories through your own unique personality and “social voice”. 

And by doing this, you’ll help other people in the process by solving their problems and issues.

Let us know if you’d like to chat more about how we can do this for you.